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Portón Clásico is a family run business, operating since mid eighties, specializing in design and decoration, restoration and consulting of urban architecture. In 1998 we moved to Toledo and began specializing in the manufacture of robust exotic wooden doors and authentic forging.

With all of our wooden products the process starts by carefully selecting our raw material from the oak, cherry, walnut, chestnut, lime and pine trees, depending on your specifications.

The lumber is then sawed into suitable pieces, dehumidified and carefully crafted into the end product in our factory. From the start of the process to the end, all your specifications and requirements are taken into account, from the selecting of the wood to the iron studs and iron hardware, which is forged by our expert blacksmiths. Our experienced craftsmen carefully manufacture each individual door to the clients specifications and design, which is the fundamental element of our products.

Though we offer many different designs, your rustic door could be manufactured in any size and shape. Each design is exclusive, inspired by detailed observation and studies of exotic wooden doors. All these subtleties are taken into account during the selection and manufacturing process which truly makes an incredible difference, resulting in a unique, durable and beautiful door.



Classic Doors

Classic Doors
4,5cm, 6cm, 8cm

Classic Doors

Classic Doors
6cm, 8cm

· At the same time, you can choose between different fittings and accessories for your rustic door facts in forging genuine forge, varying terminations, typesofcallers, keyholes, nails, etc…

tipos de clavos de forja

· We have two types of finishes for your rustic door:

Normal finishes Rustic finishes
normal finishes
Sanding through different types of grain, it provides a thin and soft finish. Finish by default.
rustic finishes
Sanding through different types of grain and scratched with metal brushes, provides a rough finish that enhances the grain of the wood. The price increases by 12%.

·Choose from 5 colors for your rustic door or gate: these colors are achieved through pigments that mixed in extremely water repellent oils (guards of the wood). The application performs a little open, the oils are absorbed by wood, increasing its efficiency. Do not create any layer