Ancient yews venerated by the Celts, Oaks already living when Cristóbal Colón discovered America, Sabinas where the Virgin appeared trees with history of Queens, loves and duels, Olmos that inspired Machado, Cela. Ultimately, whose history have been part of the lives of many people and trees which have now come to us as something magical.

They are creatures of fairy tales, specimens which have survived hundreds of years witnessing the passage of time and radical transformations in their environment.

Human beings have served us the trees and its many benefits, have grown up with them, under cover of his shadow, its wooden fruit and of their medicines. Now, the trees need of the human being, but also human beings need the trees. Just stop and look around and analyze our model of life, so quickly, technological and infernal. We need to “greening” our lives, learning from them and with them.

In Spain, there are still many survivors of the Mediterranean forest, many of them could provide shade and shelter to illustrious historical characters.

Name Age(Years) Location   GPS High(m) Perimeter (m) Diameter (m)
Fayona de Eiros 350 Eiros Asturias 43° 15´23´´N 27,5 4,46 32
Fagus sylvatica 06°32´47´´O
Pino de Hijar 220 Hijar Teruel 41°10´41´´N 32 3,9 20,5
Pinus pinea 00°26´51´´O
Enebro de Cantavieja 750 Cantavieja Teruel 40°32´04´´N 9,5 3,85 7
Juniperus oxycedrus 00°25´15´´O
Encina 600 Coripe Sevilla 36°57´28´´N 18 5,7 23
Quercus ilex 05°25´36´´O
Pinsapo 300 Parauta Málaga 36°39´58´´N 22 5,2 26
Abies pinsapo 05°02´02´´O
Pino Negro 420 Galapan Jaén 38°00´38´´N 54 5,4 18,2
Pinus nigra 02°39´51´´N
Acebuche 800 Almonte Huelva 37°07´57´´N 14 8 22
Olea europea sylvestris 06°28´47´´O
Laurel 600 La Zubia Granada 37°07´39´´N 9 10 15
Laurus nobilis 03°35´06´´O
Olivo 1400 La Vila Joiosa Alicante 38°27´06´´N 7 9,35 8,7
Olea Europaea 03°54´26´´O
Encina 1200 Mendaza Navarra 43°03´45´´N 15,5 7,7 19,2
Quercus ilex 04°12´36´´O