To make you feel that you have arrived home, to transmit positive feelings to those who visit you, to reflect the warmth of home and to maintain the values of the countryside. That is the ideal gate, difficult task to choose, right? We help you.

An old gate is a treasure, if you can restore the original gates of the house, do not hesitate, since they harmonize better than those coming from demolitions and will have a patina of aging similar to the rest of the house.

When buying your wooden gate, take into account the rusticity, the proportion of the façade, the local tradition, the local woods, etc. If the façade is simple, avoid overloaded doors. If the house is of noble workmanship, with beautiful wrought iron balconies and stone masonry, the gate will have to go in consonance.

If you do not have the original old doors of the house, you can always buy a new one. The secret lies in the handcrafted finish, the treatment given to the wood, the fittings and the design. A sure success will be to choose a simple model. Bear in mind the type of wood as its durability and resistance will vary. Noble woods much better than soft woods with pine.

Adorn your gate with ironworks, with nails; sophisticated handmade blacksmith’s work, in the shape of a star, squares, Latin cross… With hinges or hinges, knockers of geometric shapes, plant motifs, family shields, etc… Bolts; iron pins, some of large dimensions. Simple or ornamented handles.

Types of forge nails

Decorate the surroundings, finish the decoration of the façade by placing earthenware jars, wooden benches, tin lanterns or oxidised iron lamps. If the wooden door gives access to a vestibule, endow it with paved floors, stone slabs, handmade terracotta, stone or brick vaults, tiny windows…

rustic door

It recovers the old iron, the ironworks of the old doors, if they are of iron, they are recovered cleaning them with a brush of wire spikes and a treatment with oil of used car, they are protected against the corrosion. Finally, the friction elements, such as hinges or bolts, are greased with oil or lubricant.

If you want to impress, make the entrance more shocking, build an entrance canopy over the gate, over the years will thank you. Another way of revaluing the door is by means of a fence, a wooden lintel or an arch. The more traditional ones are made with brick or stone, and the more modern ones with cement.

Adjust it to your measure, if the measure allows it chooses a double leaf gate or with wide leaves that allow the passage, incorporates windows, peepholes or chocks, choose warm colors. Nails, grilles and knockers accentuate the rustic character.

Mimalo, carry out a maintenance every two or three years, apply protective wood oil to open pore so that it looks like the first day. Protect it from the inclemency of the weather and you will see how it will live many, many, many years and you will have in it a beautiful and safe company.