Sometimes, listening to talk to two carpenters, seem to speak in another language or just think they have invented the words. Like all professions, woodworking has its slang or jargon, a small part of the strange words saying carpenters, we have longed to gather in this humble dictionary carpentry in Spanish, they are all accepted by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language .

A contraveta : In transverse direction of the grain.
Aperture: The size of a gap .
Abitaque : Timber , taco . A quarter of a beam.
Flare : Widening the mouth of a hole.
Abrasion wear by friction.
Finishing : Last treatment applied to wood.
Chamfer : Shaping a corner chamfer .
Layering : A molding that forms the side of a vain.
Acrylic : Paint type water based fast drying .
Wedge : Meter wooden wedges .
Afestonado : Styled in scallop shape .
Gun carriage : Cureña .
Agglomerated iron fragments mixed with glue and pressed wood.
Ahuecador : Instrument empty carpentry wood chisel sort of a knuckle to the tip.
Ajimez : Window or balcony lattice .
Warped : Describes the wood , not having camber generally correct dried.
Alambor : faked on a tree.
Alarife : foreman .
Sapwood: whitish layer beneath the bark of a tree.
Alcayata : Nail shaped elbow 90 degrees.
Knocker : iron part that you put on the door to call hitting on her .
Alero: Part of a roof that comes out of the wall to divert water from it .
Fin : Each of the two parts of the buttress that is visible on the sides of a column or pilaster.
Alfarje : carved wood ceiling and artfully intertwined .
Alfiz : Molding or decorative element that frames a doorway or window.
Blockboard: Strips of wood glued to form a single piece.
Grinder : Tool , which like the drill can be adapted to various accessories. Pule short and rectified.
Shelf : shelf of a closet , bookcase , cupboard, etc. .
Anchor : Grasp one item to another by ties , anchors, bolts, to fix or counteract thrust.
Antema Ornament inspired by the forms of nature .
Parapet : Profile or railing placed in high place to look out without danger of falling .
Sideboard : cabinet where you need to service the table was saved .
Plumb : Examine whether plumb walls , columns are vertical .
Armed : Work which is mounted with mortise and tenon .
Bow : Deformation in the tables are curved at the ends.
Architrave : Molding circling a door opening or window including the lintel.
Bracing : Set of parts intended to ensure indeformidad a structure.
Seat : Sharp tool is passed through a thinner Deburring stone.
Sawdust : Sawdust .
Shaft : wooden handle with axes, spades, shovels and the like.
Atarie Mouldings in brackets doors and windows.
Screwdriver : Screwdriver .
Countersunk : conical subsidence around a hole where the screw head will stay flush to surface .
Azuela : Tool cutting curved blade at right angles to the handle , is used to cut timber .
Baluster : Each of the columns which form a guard rail.
Balcony : Set of balconies.
Banking: backless wooden seat , where you can sit more than one person .
Bank: back seat where they can sit more than one person .
Chin : Oblique section given to a piece of wood to fit in the palm of the other .
Bargueño : Spanish Renaissance Desk with hinged lid , decorated with carving and work with many little drawers .
Auger : It consists of a conical screw tip with rotating handle by hand, for the implementation of small holes.
Auger : Used to make larger holes and depth.
Barrel: Instrument used by carpenters to ensure on the workbench till materials .
Basa : Bottom of the column on which rests the shaft .
Frame: Frame of stringers , and transom fittings in which the panels are mounted.
Swing : Part leaves Siege of doors, windows and the like, they are stopped and beaten when closed .
Bellote : Nail about eight inches long and one thick, and similar to the acorn husks head.
Bíforo : divided by a column topped by an arch window .
Bigotera purchases accuracy.
Hinge : parts are formed by metal plates that end in hollow cylinders which are joined together , which swiveling.
Emblazoned : Adorned with crests, shields .
Mouth slot a brush in which the cutting tools is set.
Keyhole : metal ornaments that serve to shelter the locks.
Bojo : the heaviest part of the barrel or cask.
Bolinche Ornament furniture in the shape of ball .
Nozzle: mortising opens in wooden parts for assembly .
Borriqueta : Frame carpenters in support wood working .
Tappet : Your mission is to countersink the nails.
Broca : Used in conjunction with the drill to make any kind of hole.
Graver : Tool used for blow to produce a hole or mark depending on the tip.
Gasket : rubber strip used to isolate doors. Installs in the bottom of the door.
Cabio : Timbers that form the structure of a door beside the rails .
Cabos : Wood in length and several sections left over from other long .
Case: Hollow where a piece will fit .
Jig : versatile tool can cut all kinds of materials with curved or straight cut.
Calar : Bore
Fit: Wedge between two bodies is introduced to widen or fill the space between them.
Chock : Wedge is inserted between two bodies to raise one.
Cancel: storm door with a sheet in front and two side jambs adjusted to a gateway , closing all for a roof.
Cancels : door or gate that separates the vestibule , lobby and courtyard .
Corbels : Ledge is the end that comes out of a wooden beam ceiling . Hold the eaves.
Jointing : Remove the original outline of the table , making it straight .
Edge: Contour or narrow edge of a table.
Face: Either broad surfaces of a table.
Woodworm : Name applied to various species of wood-eating insects , whose larvae eat , gnaw wood and drill .
Carda : Brush with short nails, iron , serving to clean files and rasps .
Cazaclavos : Species pincer nails used to boot .
Lattice : Lattice iron or wooden louvers , so that people who are inside to see without being seen .
Planing: Smoothing of a wooden surface .
Truss : curved contour pattern out of a table.
Siege : Setting around doors and windows .
Fastener: Part of the lock on the latch engages .
Chamfer : long and narrow plan , instead of corner connecting two walls or flat surfaces that are angled .
Sharpening steel : steel cylinder , usually with a handle, used by carpenters to remove the burr blades scrape .
Frieze : Labor and ornament of stone or wood , which gets around doors , windows , fireplaces, etc. .
Chaperone : Ribbon chamfered to meet together.
NH : Articulation to open doors and windows. Hinge .
Cotter : cleft Nail in almost all its length , inserted through the hole of an iron or wood , riveted .
Codal : Each of the two rules that are placed transversely in the heads of a tree for desalabear their faces.
Cogote : Mortise and tenon with heel.
Fantail: pin assembly , trapezoid , wider at the head than at startup.
Cola : Adhesive used for bonding two or more pieces of wood.
Hung : door or window frame when attached by hinges to the frame so it can be opened or closed within the same .
Conglomerate: Conglomerate , wooden board.
Counter: Bargueño , Species desk with several drawers, without doors or trim cuffs .
Plywood : Board comprises glued wooden plates , adjacent plates is arranged at an angle of 90 degrees .
Reverse: opposite the face area .
Shrinkage : Decrease the size of a piece of wood due to the reduction of moisture content.
Contrapilastra : mediacaña wood gets to the edge of the leaf of a door or window and serves to prevent the passage of air .
Shutter : door wood is placed on the outside for added shelter and stained glass windows .
Tuft : Adorno usually put on top of the doors , mirrors , chairs and other furniture.
Ripping : A cut made in the direction of the grain of the table.
Cutting through : Cut that crosses the grain of the table.
Cremona : Hardware consists of two rods that go up or down by turning a knob, ensuring an enclosure , to fit into the eyebolts .
Squares : Tape rectangular connecting the two handles and passing through the deadbolt lock .
Flashings : Table that protects the union of timber, at the threshold of a front door keeps out the rain.
Wedge: triangular part of wood, is fitted and glued into the pins to stiffen their union.
Dance : Arcade , set of arcs .
Electrical generators : Hot Air Tool that projects and serves to remove old paint , varnish and other finishes.
Stripper : Chemical paint and varnish it boots .
Stripping : Remove by physical or chemical means the paint , rust, etc. . covers any object .
Default : Anomaly reducing properties management and timber value .
Gate Defense : Metal plate in the bottom of the door, which prevents wear of it to be pushed by the foot .
Deformation: Distortion of wood produced in drying . Bending and warping.
Dendrology : The study of the identification, habits and distribution of the trees.
Density: Specific Gravity .
Teeth : Willing or topped with inbound and outbound , or staggered .
Teeth : Willing or topped with inbound and outbound , or staggered .
Dentil : Each rectangular figures , lining , part of the frieze.
Desalabeo : Action desalabear .
Stock removal : Remove useless parts of a piece of wood to proceed to dig it .
Dequeue : Peel off what was stuck with glue.
Desjarrear : Cut the wood pieces exactly.
Despalillar : Cut logs in the recesses necessary for them to enter the notches.
Desquijerar : Esquijerar , saw the tip of a tree forming the spigot to a junction .
Screwdriver : A tool that is used to remove and put screws.
Diaphragm plate transverse reinforcing to increase the rigidity of the stringers.
Old Tooth : Iron Cutting a joinery brushes .
Lintel : Horizontal wood element , which closes the top of a door or window jambs sustained a foot or vain.
Diphros type: Greek backless chair .
Solvent: Liquid that dissolves paint or varnish .
DM panel: MDF , made ​​from basic wood fiber elements presados ​​dry .
Double floor : for which the support beams are supported at intervals by bracing beams .
Pain : Each of the tables forming the curved walls of the barrels , vats , etc. .
Duella : Grinding surface in which the frame of a door or window formed with bricks in the wall jambs are fixed .
Duchess backing small feet.
Durability: Resistance to wood decay fungi and insects Xylophagous .
Heartwood: Part dead wood of a tree, consistency and darker color. Mature wood that forms the spine of the tree.
Hardness : This involves the degree of difficulty exerted by the wood to penetration of other bodies such as nails and screws.
Sleeping : Horizontal Madero seated and serves as a support to another.
Woodworking : A place where fine woodwork made ​​in ebony and quality woods .
Stained : The process by which the wood is stained to simulate ebony.
Ejión : Part of wooden wedge usually works as a fulcrum of horizontal timbers .
Elasticity: Property back into shape after deformation .
Embarbillar : Assemble on a tree limb leaning another , making them respectively notch cuts and chin.
Mouth : Box or ornate frame or not that is the front of a door.
Embrocharlar : Holding the beams can not load on the wall by a tree or cross brochal or an iron bar .
Inlay: I nestled in another material.
Joint: wood joining system .
Plating: Gluing veneer .
Hidden nailing : Action of joining two pieces with pins arranged so that the holes will not be visible from outside.
Glue : Action adhering two or more pieces of wood with glue.
Staple : Unite with staples.
Grating : Wooden lattice .
Link: Any form of union between wood.
Lathing : Set of slats , joined together , often with a tongue and groove assembly.
Cleated Make a board with wooden slats.
Flush : Area no outgoing or incoming .
Assemble : Merge , merge.
Boarded : Molded tables Thin wood resting on some support .
Planking : clapboard cladding thickness substantially resting on any support .
Vise : Tools workholding by means of a screw .
Boreal : One-piece .
Lattice : Construction of wooden ax with solid wood pieces juxtaposed.
Quirk : Molding .
Entreguardas : two equal rules are rectified, with the accuracy of a flat surface is checked.
Shelves : Each of the boxes or boards of solid wood door is snug inside the frame .
Footstool : Low stool footrest .
Escabelo : Base of a balustrade.
Escantillar : Mark or scribe to draw a constant line parallel to a silhouette or contour.
Rasp : Instrument iron seeding tiny little teeth that carpenters use to clean or scrape .
Spike : Nail with acodillada head , used to fasten things hanging .
Scarce : Cut a piece by an oblique plane to their faces .
Rasp : Tools are hardened steel with protruding teeth that starts small slivers of wood.
Mortising : Cut a hole made to force the wood chisel .
Chisel : A chisel thicker blade used to open rectangular holes .
Square : Attachment of frames that allows to draw right angles and check the squareness of parts.
Squaring : Check with the squad that two lines are perpendicular.
Spatula : flat sheet metal tool and trapezoidal , with wooden handle , used for applying putty, plasters .
Nipple: protrusion is made in the end of a piece that can be fitted on the end of another .
Glean : Make the spikes in the wood have to enter another .
Esquijerar : Sawing up the sides of a wooden stick or pointed to the place where he has to pull the pin .
Falca : Defect in a table or tree that prevents perfectly smooth or straight .
Skirt : part of a furniture structural joining the upper part of the legs below the lid or seat.
Fallanca : Flashing a door or window.
Espagnolette : Hardware for closing doors or windows.
Misrepresentation : Forward a slightly cut in the perpendicular direction .
FAS: Acronym for international classification categories woods first .
Cracks : Cracks .
Arrow : The highest points on the horizontal starting.
Tape measure : Tape measure , meter.
Formica : coated on one side with an artificial , bright and durable resin material .
Chisel : Tool planar metal and sharp pointed, styling used in carpentry and wood carving .
Frailera : rectangular wooden table , long and narrow.
Friar : In a window , the shutter will hanging on the same sheet and not the fence.
Strawberry: Tool cutting edges or blades used for wood word is used with a router .
Milling : Power Tool milling wood blocks .
Friso : Part entablature that mediates between the cornice and architrave , which tend to get foliage and other decorations.
FS : International to identify the log of freshly cut wood Acronyms .
Fungicide : phytodrug destroying fungi .
Fuste : Part of a tree trunk , between the root collar and the first branch.
Galbe : slightly curved leg .
Galbo : very smooth profile curve of furniture .
Rebate : slot in the edge of a table to another machihembrarla .
Cookie : Small piece of wood shaped like a football that is used as a reinforcement assembly.
Fillister : longitudinal slot that one piece to fit the song of other dovetail blocks .
Garlopa : long double blade and handle , used to match surfaces planed timber and brush .
Garlopín : Short and Garlopa a single blade is used for roughing .
Garrucha : Mechanism through which a rope , cable or hip can move to obtain mechanical advantage pulley .
Cat : iron instrument used to strongly grip the wood and bring it to where it is intended .
Gem: Part of squaring a tree where, for lack of size has been part of the cortex .
Glyph : Vertical Canal shallow , generally section angular , carved on a flat or curved surface.
Hinge : Hardware articulated with the leaves of the doors and windows are secured to jamb . Metal hinge or hinge .
Gramil : A tool to mark wood that is used to draw parallel lines on different sides of the timber.
Grit: Degree of roughness of sandpaper.
Save – waters : Ribbon on the door to keep out the water.
Gouge : Gouges similar to but with curved blade and emptied Tool .
Female: gap or hole through which you enter or otherwise fits .
Waterproof : Said of a substance, which prevents moisture.
Hygrometer : An instrument that determines moisture.
Hygroscopicity : Property of the wood which absorbs or releases moisture .
Spun : Various leaves a saw .
Homogeneity is said when the composition of the fibers of the wood is uniform.
Humidity: Amount of water contained in the wood .
Screw: Screw iron or wood used for the movement of the presses and other machines.
Fireproof : It protects against fire.
Primer: First layer applied to the timber , to seal pores.
Miter : Used to drive for cutting up to 45 degrees .
Miter : junction type used in woodworking , cutting parts 45 degrees .
Jabalcón : A piece of wood used to withstand a weight or pressure loads , a structure is stiffer .
Girder : Beam teacher.
Jamba : Either the fence uprights supporting the lintel.
Jaquiloca : False miter .
Jonquil : thin piece of wood used for the installation of glass doors and windows.
KD : Acronym for identifying international kiln-dried wood.
Kit : Set of products for a particular purpose.
Styling : Woodworking reducing the state or form suitable for use.
Lambeta : Piece of wood that fits along the edge of a table to assemble , barb .
Laminate : Made from strips of wood glued together.
Stile : Piece of wood that is fixed throughout a work of carpentry , forming its structure.
Tie: Several dovetail assemblies .
Tongue : Ear which is styled along the edge of a board or plank . Used to fit it into a slot another piece.
Leno : Family tree already cut .
Lignin : Substance accompanying the cellulose in the cell walls of the wood.
Lysol : Liquid insecticide against woodworm .
Rail: wood strip , long, narrow table wood.
Lunulados : Are rings or concentric layers of dead wood , amid other living wood .
Magnifiers : These growths that form in the trunk.
Lupillas : ulcers or tumors on the trunk of a tree.
Light: Distance between two structural elements.
Container: Small club used to hit chisels and pointers.
Tongued : Join tables by their songs, so that one tab fits into the slot of the other .
Macho : Ear .
Madero : long piece of wood , shaped and squared .
Sponsor: Main beam that receives the weight of the others.
Nosing : Wood strip with the edge of the steps on the stairs Garrison .
Chuck: Piece of wood or metal, cylindrical in shape, ensures that what is turning .
Setting : Siege composed of two uprights and a headboard , which are hinged doors .
Martyr : Piece of wood used as a support for a drill , preventing splintering starting area .
Maza, deck : Hammer with wooden head .
MC: Acronyms international to indicate the moisture .
Mecha : Ear Spiral adapting to drill.
Half round : concave molding whose profile is a semicircle .
Melamine : Type of plastic used as raw material for making plates .
Trim: Wood milled used to beautify windows and door frames . Jamb flashing .
Mollejón : Whetstone round .
Strut: Vertical element frame of a door or window .
Whitebait : Blow dry the wood without causing splintering :
Shroud : Hueco or box into a piece of wood on the tongue or pin is set to join another female .
Muela : Circular stone for sharpening tools .
Notch : Recess in one piece of wood to fit another .
Nose: Lace a doorknob .
Nogalina : Dye obtained from the shell of walnut, walnut imitates .
Hole guide : hole made ​​in a piece of wood so that in him tronillo thread .
Pallet: Pallet or pallet , wooden frames used for cargo movement facilitates the uprising.
Paletina : large flat brush to spread the stain .
Palma : Join two pieces , about the head and once in table.
Palo : Piece of wood longer than thick .
Buckling : Deformation models usually boards .
Paneling: Panels framed .
PAR : international to indicate that the entire circumference of the wood is brushed after cutting Acronyms .
Mullion : Mullion . Vertical element bisecting the light of a vain.
Pin : Bolt .
Handrail : The piece of wood that is fixed parallel and above the stringer , meant to help up and down stairs .
Step Saw : Space between the teeth of a saw.
Patina: Different finish given to objects to mimic aging.
PBS : Acronyms international to indicate that the front and back of the wood have been brushed after cutting .
Base : lower cross .
Peinazo : strip or piece of wood connecting the rails together to form boxes and panels.
Pendolón : Madero standing in the center of a truss to support the ridge.
Profile: Part of the pin parallel to the side of the table.
Hinges : Hinge , hinge.
Specific gravity : The quotient obtained by dividing the weight of a material by its volume , density.
Latch: Latch with a door secured.
Passepartout : Hardware for securing doors .
Right foot: Vertical element played supporting function , strut , stud .
Pilaster : quadrangular column .
Pyrography : Recorded fire .
Platabanda : wide moldings projecting slightly relative to their height.
Plummet : Utensils to check the verticality .
Pomo : Outside of the lock of a door.
Postigo : Door open in a larger girl .
PS : Acronyms to identify the international semi – seasoned wood.
Nerves : Part of the doors or windows in entering the breakwater of the jamb , and it moves and rotates .
Quijera : Each of the two arms of the fork formed at the end of a tree to make a box to enter the throat of another.
Raigal Among loggers , end of the tree corresponding to the tree root .
Ramal : Part of a ladder or stroke .
Slewing ring : part that abuts a vertical axis .
Slot : long and narrow Canal opens in a tree , stone, etc. In order to make an assembly, guiding a part, etc. . .
Scrapers : small plates of iron, with sharp edges and wooden handle , used to scrape wood.
Ray of Jupiter : Splice two pieces with two or more oblique and redientes court.
Burr : Portion of excess material protruding edges or irregularly on the surface of any object .
Recess : Part singing on a tree or something , where the thickness has been reduced by a cut in a slot.
Rediente : Each of the sections is done in an assembly or splicing.
Reinforcement: part that is used to secure and strengthen the bond between two or more elements.
Carpenter rule : straight strip of wood that is used for drawing straight and testing of flat surfaces .
Slit : Slit , crack .
Renvalse : Recess that is made in the song of the leaves of the doors and windows to fit together.
Retranqueado : total or partial Front Kick furniture.
Brace : Element intended to ensure indeformidad a door or window.
Batten Thick Wood strip . Each of the slats on which will settled down a wooden floor.
Plinth : Wood strip that is placed at the bottom along the interior walls , to avoid bumps and blemishes .
Plump / o: Wooden round section, not sawn .
Romanilla : Closing of horizontal blades that lets in light and ventilation , typical of warm climates.
Sapwood : sapwood .
Bleeding wood: Cutting into resinous trees to extract the resin.
Sergeant: Tool for tightening parts are glued , so they stay together while the glue dries .
SE: international acronym identifying cut the long tables .
Hacksaw : Sierra fine marquetry .
Sawdust : wood particles that emerge when sawing .
Sawdust : Joint particle emerging from the wood when it saw. Sawdust .
Saw : Sierra -leaved for fine and precision cutting.
Sierra : Tools for cutting wood .
Chairs : Set of chairs same workshop where the chairs are manufactured.
Without edging : With no square edges , even with wood bark .
Sinusoid Curve that plots the trigonometric sine function.
Servant : Further to the workbench , which is used to hold long pieces part .
Sobina , species of wood dowel or pin which is used to join two pieces or link .
Soffit : Flat bottom of the projection of a cornice or other body overhang .
Overlap / o: Form of disposing a way to mount over another, partially covering it .
Soliva : Nog .
Attic : Living Apartment placed above the cornice of the house overall . Attic, Attic .
Sotechado : Roofing light .
Tabica : Tablet with a hole covered.
Table : Part of flat wood, slightly thick whose surfaces are parallel to each other .
Plank : thick and elongated table .
Tabloncillo : Wood saw different dimensions by region.
Tacha : A species of small nail , tack greater than common .
Stud : Large Tack .
Tack : small nail with a large head .
Tambanillo : pediment over a door or window.
Flashing : strip or molding that is placed on a board to plug precerco a door. Cover plates.
Marquetry : sausage made ​​with tiny pieces of veneer in natural colors or dyed wood , shell, and other materials .
Flooring : Parquet similar to but larger and thicker floor plates .
Tarraja : Hole guitar that has at its center.
Tejaroz : Alero flown on a cover .
Sweep : A tool to adjust that will serve to work the bolt threads .
Testa : Section of normal wood .
Thonet : Master carpenter (1796-1871) great creator of the techniques of bending wood.
Handle: Hardware used to pull a door.
Stump : Footer felled tree.
Top of sacrifice : Piece of wood that attaches to the top of a tool to protect the contact sheet , drill or blade.
Toro : large convex molding of semicircular profile. Big Junquillo .
Bar : Kol securing doors and windows passing behind the blade.
Wicked : Each of the trees that stand on a railroad track to lay rails on them .
Trace : Transfer the contour of a surface to another .
Climb : Drawings of the grain.
Triforas : Windows of three holes .
Tronera : small window so you can penetrate light.
Log : Log sawing at both ends to get tables.
Tubillón : Ear to wood joints .
Moulder : woodworking machine , consisting of a rotary shaft or normal to a plane steel table .
Claw : mortising is done in the thickness of some wood pieces to move them pushing them with your finger.
Girders : Parts parallel to the keel .
Span: door opening , window or other opening in a wall or panel .
Vara : Unit of measurement equivalent to approximately 836mm . Palo long and thin.
Varengas : wooden cross pieces are attached to the bottom to unite and strengthen .
HUNG : small single-sheet window .
Kindred : Part of the bit that fits into the chuck.
Venera : Adorno reproducing the pilgrim shell .
Patio : Large window .
Wicket : Small window .
Verdugo : convex semicircular molding section.
Shed : slope roof .
Veta : Address or general arrangement of the fibrous materials from wood.
Stripped : Depending on the drawings that represent wood fibers outside.
Flashing : Part of different materials that are used to prevent water from entering the inside of doors and windows.
Beam: long thick Madero which serves to form the roofs of buildings and secure buildings. Loadbearing .
Joists : Wood smaller section and length beams .
Bolster : metal collar that serves to reinforce the handle of some tools.
Chip: Residue brushed wood.
Location : Arista or very specific angle.
Flip : Round the edges of a piece of wood.
Scrolls : Ornaments spiral capitals .
xilófago : Said of insects gnawing wood.
Zanca : inclined Madero which supports the rungs of a ladder .
Socket: Lower body of a building or work , which serves to raise the foundations at the same level . Bottom of the walls.