Portón Clásico performs all its doors several treatments wood protection:

  • Treatment of preventive protection of wood against wood-boring insects and fungi.
  • Repellent treatment that repels moisture and regulates the internal humidity of the wood.

All treatments penetrate the wood ensuring its effectiveness , open pore performed without creating any layer .

These treatments must be added :

  • The slatted wood that prevents cracking, warping and unwanted movements .
  • The hardness and high density of oak wood door will increase its durability.

Still, with all these treatments , procedures and care we put into the production , it is inevitable , aging of the door, on contact with sunlight and relative humidity .

Maintaining a rustic door

To prevent the natural aging of the wood is recommended to apply a layer of some specific open pore oil every one or two years, the frequency depends on the situation of each door . You yourself will know when to apply the oil.

Should be avoided as far as possible , direct contact with the water and the sun , as they are direct enemies of wood. In north orientations outdoor wood behaves better than south orientations due to the impact of UVA.

Never apply an external wooden door varnish or paint some short term may seem a durable but over the years the varnish would degrade and flaking. Would need to apply a new layer that you would spend the same, ultimately the only solution is to remove and sanding to remove the multiple layers that have been implemented.

Recommendations :
If you want your wooden door look as good as new, apply some oil from time to time waterproof to keep the moisture inside the wood below 20 % to prevent wood rot fungi and swelling . The most appropriate time is after the summer and before the autumn rains , when the wood has the lowest internal humidity.

Avoid as far as possible direct contact with the sun , north orientations are much more favorable than the south orientations . Protecting wood from rain and spattering roofs, for example, installing a gutter .