Oak wood is hard, heavy (density: 0, 769-0, 991), with highly visible annual rings sapwood yellowish clear, thin and wide dark brown heartwood, very resistant to rot, in cross-sections are much Medullary rays. The increase or decrease of volume is very low, homogeneous behaviour and high insulation. For its resistance to moisture and dip or internally is the typical basic material for shipbuilding. By its weather-resistant, used in the manufacture of doors of street and exterior carpentry. In the past it was used to make railway sleepers. It is the wooden planks of the best vats and barrels, contributing to the flavour and quality of good wines. Oak wood is highly appreciated in ebanistería.
Oak bark contains a strong proportion of tannins and is used in the tanning industry.
Good delivery it oak wood, which was used in the domestic economy and industry.