Classic door Granada 220x256x8

Classic door Granada

– Solid oak wood treated for outdoor use.

– Forging genuine. (See videos)

– Screws forged.

– TESA security lock with three bolts.

– Five copies of TESA security key.

– Color choice. (see colors)

– National transport within peninsula free.

– Sheet thicknesses available: 8cm and 6cm.

– Optional rustic finish (+12%). (View Finishes)



Classic door Granada with two leaves, overall dimensions in centimeters 220x256x8, solid oak wood treated for outdoor decked with authentic forge.

Can be manufactured in other sizes, varying the color of the wood and choose between different ironworks.

The door properly packaged delivery anywhere in the world.

Avoid, as far as possible, direct contact with the water and the sun. (Maintenance Tips)

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