There are many methods or ways to install a rustic door or gate depends on the functionality that you want to give. Portón Clásico door installed in many different ways , each with its own peculiarities , can be grouped into three main groups:

Installation with pre-frame: the most widely used , especially in interior doors . Keep in mind that one must first install a precerco and anchor it to the wall. Once attached , the door is bolted to pre-frame . It is easy and fast, but has a disadvantage or advantage , as you want to see , always need installation of flashing or jambs , ahead and behind, its purpose other than cover the joint between the door, the pre-frame and the wall, is beautify the door.

Installing a direct siege: the safest and forceful, the door is fixed directly to the wall , as long as the wall is solid (stone , concrete , brick load , etc). The anchor wall drilling is done by applying a chemical block and using threaded rods like large screws. It is not necessary to install flashing or jambs but recommended .

Install bearing: Used for doors or gates that are located in walls and do not need thermal efficiency, the rotation angle can not overlap the wall with the door or gate . You only need two points robust fixing an upper and lower bearings be anchored . The peculiarity is that the door or gate needs no fence , allowing a large opening for the passage of large vehicles .