Wood properties :

– Hygroscopicity : Wood changes dimensions, increasing or decreasing when making or transfer water. Hardwoods are called the hygroscopicity species whose contractions are very small , such as oak . The increase in size or swelling is due to the gap between the microfibrils and elementary fibrils are so small that cause Van der Wall forces , which can capture water from the surrounding atmosphere . Decreasing the size or decrease the force is due to drying of the atmosphere depends on temperature , relative humidity and pressure at which it is, is capable of absorbing water from the cell wall of the timber.

– Thermal conductivity expresses the amount of heat or cold which passes through a sample of material . Wood in one of the natural insulating materials is man , second only to the cork.

– Thermal expansion : refers to the increase in length that undergoes a physical body by increasing the temperature. Thermal expansion of the timber is considered practically zero, ie no change in length when heated.

– Anisotropy : Wood is not a homogeneous material , but a very different materials on the plane or direction as appropriate , as a result of that uneven configuration presents an uneven behavior.

– Thermal diffusion is the speed with which a material is heated by contact with a heat source . The thermal diffusivity of wood is very low , so do not remove or loses heat .

” The wood is alive ” , this popular phrase explains the combination of the hygroscopicity and anisotropy , to increase or decrease the size depending on the humidity and uneven behavior of lumber .

It is considered hardwood , such as oak, to the woods that show good behavior of their properties broadly :

– When the increase or decrease in volume is very low .

– When the insulation to heat or cold is higher.

– When the behavior of the timber is smooth.

The hardwoods like oak are hardwoods , high density – weight , highly resistant to degradation, durable , with fine touch and homogeneous behavior . Instead light woods like pine, are softwoods , low density , low resistance to degradation, some durable , with a touch rough and heterogeneous behavior .

For all these reasons , Portón Clásico spares no expense to buy its raw material is the soul of our product , manufacturing all exterior doors with oak hardwood .