Why oak?

Oak wood is classified as hardwood, are the main features of a hardwood such as the oak: increase or decrease very low volume, heat and very high cold insulation and a homogeneous behaviour, i.e. stability of wood to avoid future problems of movement.

The density of the wood of oak, is approximately double that of the pine, will make your door more durable and resistant in addition to better isolate you from the cold and the heat.

It is the basic material for the industry, moisture-resistant and permanent immersion. Its radial structure prevents the growth of fungi that can damage its internal structure. Read More

Many are still accustomed to understand the rustic decor as a style something classic, antique, and reserved for the field or town houses. However, it is a pity missed this so warm and welcoming style only because we consider it quiet for some households.
Here’s a small example of how to combine modern and rustic decoration styles. A large window of aluminum with a rustic wooden door.
A rustic door split, a patio of white walls, a window and a pot full of flowers… I remember my grandmother cooking at home, with closed bottom sheet and top sheet open to ventilate the kitchen, while towards those as rich stews, so beasts, taking advantage of a mistake, not to give a feast of homemade food.
Out with the wooden spoon in hand, a voice, putting strong dogs, cats, and to any animal or person which was near.
A simple interior tongue and Groove oak tables door Guadamur is installed next to an ancient carved granite pile, where the ancient inhabitants of this pazo washed clothes or gave their livestock drink.


In this kitchen the pork with turnip tops know different, for many the speciality of the Galician cuisine.
Zarauz gate arched doorways or cutback, in a way more “crushed” the Arch of half point, by having a single geometric center below the fascia, only master carpenters are able to assemble it “no swearing”.


The flattened arch is, therefore a sector of circumference. This arch is different from the arch in which the sector Center below the fascia doing that in the springers circumference sector do not a tangency.


When this arch over a door, or window is, it is often called “escarzana”, and his bow usually corresponds to the sixth part of a circumference (i.e. 60 °). This combined with a reinforcing lintel arch located in sometimes. This type of arch was used in Roman architecture, Romanesque and Plateresque, as it can be seen on the facade of the University of Salamanca.
Zarauz gate of two leaves and a flap, their figures are record, 300cm high, and 410cm wide, 400kg per leaf made a total of 800kg. The installation was done via the placement of bearings, in two strong points of fixation, one superior and another inferior, replacing the old ADA and horron. The peculiarity is that the gate does not need siege, allowing a large opening for the passage of large vehicles.
This type of installation is used for doors or gates which are located in walls and that do not require thermal efficiency since the rotation angle does not allow to overlap the wall with the door or gate. It facilitates the installation of engines inlays on the floor to motorize the gate. In the back of the gate are the Struts, required at doors of large dimensions, since they resist the weight and pressure loads, making more rigid structure and impossible the crookedness.
This game door consists of a total of 40 years, all coined, atarugadas and glued in a press hydraulics. The spikes are the soul of the door, are responsible for bringing the different parts through projections that they are carried out at the end of a piece so that it can be adjusted at the end of another.
Door split finish rustic and fixed mobile or folding, split sheet of 8cm thick, with a strong structure provided by the double pins. It is made with treated timber continuous outdoor oak wood, different sections of wood only are visible on the edge of the door.
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